The exoticism of a coffee from the country of volcanoes and of the Mayan heritage.
Tasting Notes
  • Light brown foam.
  • Exotic aromas with hints of chocolate, caramel and spices.
  • Strong, with high acidity, lending it certain liveliness. Medium-bodied with a lingering finish.

With low production but excellent quality, Guatemalan coffee is produced on the sunny slopes of volcanoes, at an altitude of between 1,300 and 2,000 meters. The coffee bushes are planted in the shade of tall, leafy trees to protect them from the burning midday heat which could damage their leaves. Here, the growth of the coffee plants is slow, which allows each fruit to develop a strong concentration of aromas and flavors. All this natural richness is brought to your cup by the bluish-green grains of our Guatemalan green coffee.


Open the individual bag and place the coffee serving in the specific filter basket of the machine. After utilization, remove the coffee pod from filter basket.